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The firm APUA (Associated Urban and Environmental Design) was founded in 2002 by Gino CAPPI and Doriano LUCCHESINI.

In 2010, after the death of Gino Cappi, the firm APUA carried out its activity as an Engineering Company, with new partners, under the direction of the architect Doriano Lucchesini.

The firm APUA deals with urban planning and architectural design on behalf of public and private Customer. It carries out its activities mainly in Liguria and Tuscany with direct assignments by the Companies and private credit and after races and competitions.

Actually the architectural firm is structured as an Engineering Company, and it is composed by a team of architects and collaborators, directs by Doriano Lucchesini.

The activities of the firm are:

Integrated Design

The integrated design includes the supply of full service, developed by the design until the delivery of the intervention.

The design is carried out through all the levels, starting from the urban setting. Performs the development of detailed planning, complete design: from the prior level to the executive one with the coordination of specialized services that are necessary from time to time.

The service continues in the management of the work, in the direction of the work and stages of completion and delivery of building units.

The integrated design activities has been developed especially during some changing operations of no more operational former industrial sites such as the former IP area of La Spezia and the former St. SIRMA Stefano di Magra.

Urban  and Environmental Design

The Urban Design of which the firm deals includes the editing of general and detailed urban instruments.

The general urban planning was  carried out by Doriano Lucchesini mainly with the editing of regulator plans of small coastal towns Portovenere, Lerici, Ameglia, Arenzano etc…

While the detailed urban planning involved sereval Urban tools for accomplishment both for small productive and civil settlements and for new urban quarters.

The Environmental Design was done by editing Studies for the Environmental Impact Assessment (transformation of the former FIT of Sestri Levante, ILVA steel mill in Genoa Cornigliano, central Turbogas of Arcola, central Turbogas of Rosignano Solvay, tourist port of Ospedaletti etc.)

Building Trade Desing: Special buildings

The design activity of special buildings is developed with the realization of buildings for business, labour, tourism and in the recovery of historic buildings redevelopment.

Urban Accommodations and urbanization

Developed in cases of urbanizations of new quarters in which the firm has worked and as theme of planning deepening for the quality of urban environments.

Infrastructural Design and requalification of landscape

The infrastructural design was developed in the projects for new connections of Aurelia Variant Road to the town of La Spezia, in urban settlements in Genoa Bolzaneto, in the integration of landscape and in the pursuit of quality design in infrastructure and in their integration into landscape contexts of reference

(New station of Imperia, stop train of Genoa Prà, acoustic protection of Luni Mare , setting of Boscalino composting plant in La Spezia, etc.)

Design building: residential buildings

The building design of residential buildings is performed for all levels of design and for the opportunities of single or multi-residence.

-    Single Residence, developed with small interventions in the out-of- 

      town areas, with restructuring in urban areas.

Multi-familiar Residence, developed with small residential complex in areas of urban expansion and interventions of cooperative housing.